Reflections of 2018-19 Deer Season

Followell Hunts had a great deer season this year.  We had two hunters harvest their first deer.   Jack Perkins (10 years old) and Abby Nelson (16 years old).  Jack made a tremendous shot on his spike buck at a distance over 150 yards.   Abby passed up a doe hoping for a buck, and she was glad she did, when her six-pointer walked into the food plot she was ready. Jack’s dad Jonathan harvested his first deer here last year (a doe), and this year he bagged an eight-point buck.  Great job guys.  I was able to harvest a nine-pointer with my 30.06, two does with my muzzle-loader, one doe with a crossbow, and one doe with a bow.  My trail cameras are showing a lot of deer are still out there, but most of them have gone nocturnal.  This spring I had a select cut timber harvested, hinge cut some areas for bedding, and expanded my food plots.  Looks like all this hard work paid off with this year’s deer harvest results.

I will continue to make improvements this year and hope that we can continue to provide good habitat for all wildlife.  Hope you can come and join us for your next turkey or deer hunt.  Have a good one!

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