2019 KY Spring Turkey Season

2019 Turkey season has come to a close! 

This year I had two guys from Mississippi come and hunt with me for two and a half days.  We hunted hard and had birds very close but couldn’t get the old gobbler in range.  We heard multiple gobblers and lot of gobbling.  I got a chance to meet some new friends and have some good times.  I had to change my strategy a few days into the season, call less and be more patient.  I ended up killing both of my turkeys in the evening this year.  When the turkeys don’t cooperate with my usual tactics, you must try something different.  I hope everyone had a safe and productive season.  I would love to hear your stories!

One Comment on “2019 KY Spring Turkey Season

  1. I remember a great story.It was one of those that stick in your head.It was the first day of PA turkey season and I had this Tom gobble on the limb about what seemed to be 100 times.As day light started to unfold he gobbled at every noise.Hens and Jakes flew down the he hit the ground and not one gobble.I had Jakes pass by no big Tom.So in PA we have to be out of the woods by 12:00pm it now was 11:30 so I made a move to a spot where he’s usually nest. I had a large built tree stand so I figured why not I climbed up and sat facing the field it is now 11:40 so I make a few calls nothing,a few more nothing now it is 11:52 I called and heard a hiss behind me as a slowly turned my head big tom was 20 yards strutting and spitting.its now 11:55 as he turned and showed me his fan I swung around and as he came out of full strut bam followed by a flopping sound he was down.Time was 11:59.Moral of the story is never give up stay out there make a move sometime it works and sometimes you may bumb a bird.The bird I killed was 24lbs and a 10 inch rope and 1 inch Spurs.He came in slient and I was able to tag out the first day.I know some guys when the birds fly down and walk off and don’t gobble they are back at the truck after only an hour.90% of the birds I have taken have been between 10am to 12 pm because I didn’t give up and stayed out until the last minute.


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