Fawns and poults

Last Tuesday the first fawn showed up on my trail camera, and I have seen several more this week.  Along with the fawns showing up, so have the coyotes.  I saw a pair of coyotes traveling together, along with a few singles.  I don’t like that, but there are many things which I don’t have control over, but coyote season runs for 365 days a year.  Today I had just left my farm to check out a possible farm to lease when I saw a hen and 4 pouts’ just down the road from my farm, that’s the first little turkey I have seen this spring.  I enjoy seeing wildlife and I hope you do too, so get out in the woods and spend some time looking at what God has created.

One Comment on “Fawns and poults

  1. PA has no wild pheasant population but I have a beautiful tall long tailed male roaming my hunting area he is very vocal which I hope doesn’t attract a coyote or fox.I have seen only 2 fawns but lots of does.I love the outdoors and can’t wait to come to Kentucky.


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