Reflections of 2019

This is my first year as an outfitter and guide in Western Kentucky.  I have always enjoyed the past 40 years deer and turkey hunting with friends and family. I have loved every minute of my new adventure.  This year’s turkey season was very exciting one, calling up several birds to within almost gun range for clients, but not able to get a shot.  I eventually harvested 2 birds myself – one weighed 24lb 7oz, had a 11 1/16-inch beard, and 13/16-inch spurs.  My second bird weighed 21lb 3oz, had a 9 ½ inch beard, and ¾ inch spurs.  I wanted my MS boys to get these birds, but it didn’t work out in the 2 ½ days we hunted together.  We had a fun time trying and building a relationship as friend together.

Deer season was a great success this year.  Started off with two GA guy’s hunting on opening weekend and 14-year-old Brandon harvesting his first buck (a 3 pointer).  Next, I hunted with Mike who was also from GA.  Mike harvested a good 7-point buck.  Next, Todd from Paducah harvested a great 8-point buck (his best deer ever).  Also, a good 8-point was tagged, and I got a good 181lb 10 pointer on the final day of the modern gun season.  Everyone got an opportunity to see and harvest a deer.  Now we still have almost 2 months of bow, crossbow, and second Muzzle-loader season left.  Thanks to everyone for making this year a big success.

3 Comments on “Reflections of 2019

  1. Hi it’s Ted&Christie Greene from PA if your offer is still available we would love to come in October 2020.We are sorry we couldn’t make it this year but family matters prevented us from hunting with you. Crossbow season or gun season whatever is good for you.Thanks and God Bless


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