Scouting for turkeys 3/4/20

I drove out to my lease in McCracken County this morning. It was beginning to get light when I arrived at 5:50. I walked across the cut soybean field to the base of the ridge. When I stopped, an owl hooted, but I was hoping to hear a gobble; there was only silence, so I made my way to the top of the ridge and stopped again. An owl hooted again. And like before, hoping for a response from an old gobbler, there was only silence.
I made my way down the backside of the ridge to another field. I still heard no gobbles, and I didn’t see any visible birds in the field. However, there were some deer in the adjoining field, so I made my way towards them using a fence row to hide my movement and finally reached the fence row between fields.
Five bucks were feeding towards me, so I found a comfortable spot and sat down to observe and to avoid spooking them. They continued feeding closer and closer. Two of them had dropped their antlers, one had only one side of his antler, and two still had their antlers. At this point, I was pinned down and couldn’t move without being seen; they were only 50 yards away. Finally, the deer exited the field, and I was able to continue scouting. My excitement level was high after seeing those bucks.
I changed out my trail camera cards and started back towards the truck. As I was working my way along the east side of the ridge, I spotted two long beards feeding across the top of the hill. Suddenly a hen flew off her roost and landed by the gobblers. I froze and watched them work their way down the top of the ridge away from me. I couldn’t believe I walked that close to turkeys and didn’t spook them. I think the morning sun had been in my favor and was shining bright in their eyes.
The two big gobblers were supporting beards that were dragging the ground. I hope to see them later when the season is in, looking down the gun barrel of my 870 Remington shotgun. A final note for this morning – the ticks are out! Better use the tick spray next time out.

One Comment on “Scouting for turkeys 3/4/20

  1. As always get article.Love the details it felt like I was there.Gof bless.


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