Patterning Your Shotgun

Turkey season is just around the corner.  Have you patterned your shotgun this year?  I got out my Remington 870 Express 3 1/2” with a Primo jelly head turkey choke (.665 choke).  Shot it at distances of 20, 30,40, and 50 yards.  Also, I shot three different brands of shell.  Winchester 3 1/2” Long Beards #5 shot, Winchester 3 ½” Double X #5 shot, and Remington 3 ½” Nitro #5.  All of them did very well at 20 and 30 yards, but the Winchester Long Beards out preformed the other two at 40 and 50 yards.  After this test, I feel very comfortable in taking a 50-yard shot at an old gobbler.  Every gun shoots differently, depending on your choke, shot size, and brand of shells.  It’s up to you to see what works best for your gun.  So, when the old long beard steps out in front of you, will you be confident to pull the trigger?  Having tested your gun will be very important then.

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