March 24, 2020

I returned to my lease farm in McCracken County this morning and arrived a little later than I wanted to. It was starting to get light fast as I crossed the front field of the property. Although rain was forecasted, I planned to watch from a popup blind that was already in place. Just as I was about to enter the blind, two birds flew from their roost. Even though that was unexpected, I went ahead and settled into the blind anyway. I sat in there for about 45 minutes, hoping to hear or see other turkeys. I messed up this morning by being late. (They say that timing is everything, and today they were right.)I decided to get my trail camera cards, which were in the back fields of the farm. Very cautiously, I made my way towards the back; I didn’t want to spook any more turkeys! As I was working my way to the first camera, a hen landed in the field about a hundred yards away. I found a good seat and watched to see if she had any friends. She was alone and feeding her way across the field. Just as she was leaving, five deer ran across the field towards her. My first thought was that the deer had smelled me, but 30 seconds later, Mister Coyote appeared. He was the reason the deer were in such a hurry. I gathered cards from both of my cameras and decided to head back to the truck since it began raining. As I approached the front field again, I saw movement. It was two toms with a few hens, working their way down the edge of the field. I had to back out and circle around to avoid being seen. What started out to be a bad morning ended up being pretty good. I love seeing God’s creations in their own surroundings; I count myself blessed. You need to get out there and see how He can bless you

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