The Use of Blinds

Yesterday I took several videos of two toms strutting with a couple of hens. They were out doing their thing (around 8 am) for about thirty minutes before the went over the hill in the field out of my view. I remained in my hideout for about forty-five minutes heading out. I returned to the same pop-up blind that had set up for the second day of observing. I heard the birds gobbling from the ridge above the field, same as yesterday, but they didn’t make it to the field where I had a ringside seat inside my blind waiting for them to put on another show of strutting and gobbling. Over the years of turkey hunting, I have found out that a gobbler will stay in the same general area, but they don’t do the exact same thing every day. I feel like he will return to the field again the next day or so if he spooked by something. I am scouting for the upcoming youth hunt on April 4th and 5th, and I am trying to give my youth hunter a great chance to harvest a long beard. Using a blind allows a lot more movement and is a great tool for the beginning hunter.

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