The Cabin

I have a 14’ by 16’ cabin in the middle of my 82-acre farm in Livingston Co, KY, which was built by the previous owner.  I have deer and turkey hunted out of it many times, it’s a great place to be in bad weather or a good place to take a young hunter.  Today I was out observing wildlife.  Looking north you have a great view of my food plot and looking out the front door you are looking east, down a road that divides my property in half.  It has windows on all four sides and a few truck stile mirrors mounted on the outside, where you can watch two directions for one location (pretty cool).   Yesterday I watched a group of 5 jakes from the cabin for about 2 hours, they got as close as 8 yards to the cabin where I sat unnoticed.  They were close to invading my personal space mandated by Governor Beshear for the COVID-19 virus, boy they would have been in trouble.  As I watched them feed passed the cabin and enter the food plot, it seamed that they took turns standing watch.  They would feed, watch, and harass each other (just like teenagers do).

For those that don’t know, a Jake is an immature gobbler, he was born last June or July and is not quite a year old.  Most of the time you can distinguish a Jake from an adult bird by their beard length (3 to 6 inches) and high tail feathers when they strut.  Jake are legal to shot during our spring or fall turkey season.  While I watched them, it was awesome to see the grand birds in their natural environment at such close range (they have incredible sense of sight and hearing).  As a hunter it’s not always about shooting something but enjoying the beauty of his creation that is all around you.  You need to get out and see what you can find in the wood or wherever you are.   I am blessed! 

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