Keep your equiment up

There are a couple of things I want to talk about today. First, it is important to have good equipment. Second, it’s important to take care of your equipment to keep it dependable. This morning it was raining, so I decided to take my 1986 Honda 4-Track 4-wheeler to Chase Motor Sports in Paducah, because for the past week, I haven’t been able to get it started. I had changed the spark plug and the connection to the spark plug, but it still would not start – I was so frustrated! Upon arriving, I went in and told the service manager my story. After I got it unloaded, he said: “let’s see what it sounds like,” as he turned the key and pushed the start button. The stupid thing fired right up and was running like a kitten. I was shocked! We talked a little, (at an appropriate distance) before I decided to take it back to the farm and return if I had any additional problems.

Before returning to the farm, I needed to go to the grocery store. I had decided to drive Ol’ Blue, my 1991 Mazda truck (with 273,000 miles on it) instead of my newer 2018 Nissan Frontier (with 23,000 miles) to haul my 4-wheeler. I’ve been having intermittent trouble with this old truck for a few weeks now, and while doing some troubleshooting, I changed out the ignition coil (which didn’t help), but ended up thinking it was probably just getting some water in the tank. Anyway, as I was leaving the grocery store, the old truck started running badly. I pulled off the busy four-lane highway and onto a side street just as it died. I called my wife, and she came to my rescue. We were able to transfer the food into her car, while I got a tow truck to take Ol’ Blue (and my 4-wheeler) home.

The moral of the story is: no matter how good you take care of your old equipment, it’s still old equipment, and you’re going to have trouble from time to time! I hope to get Ol’ Blue back on the road soon, and maybe make it to 300,000 miles.

PS: You won’t be able to buy a used vehicle from me, because I drive them ’till they’re worn completely out. Have a great day, and enjoy your blessings!

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