Afro Buck

Yesterday April 3rd, I got out in the woods for a little scouting for turkeys. The trees are starting to show a lot green; the redbuds are in full bloom (I don’t know why they are called redbuds when they are purple, that’s another story), and turkeys are gobbling. It truly is great to be alive and enjoy God’s creation. I hope that this early spring isn’t too early. The average last killing frost in western Kentucky is between April 8th and 20th. I remembered a few years ago, all the trees budded out, and we had a hard frost and killed all the new growth. Then the budded out again, and spring resumed. I’m sure that influenced the fruit production.
I did see something for the first time yesterday (I have heard of it, but not seen it) an adult Longbeard was being chased by three Jakes. It’s usually the older gobbler chasing Jakes, but not in this case.
I laughed out loud, I couldn’t help it.
If you spend enough time in the woods, you can see a lot of odd things. I remember one spring my brother mike and his daughter Katie were going fishing at LBL, and they invited me to go. We headed to Energy Lake at LBL, we passed through the “Education Area” on the way.
When we got to the “Woodland Nature Center” by the old Center Furnace, we saw a group of about twenty fallow deer, and one of them appeared to have an afro. We stopped for a minute and watched as the deer feed away from us. We continued to Lake Energy and fished for a while, didn’t catch very many fish, so after an hour or so, we decided to head back home. We went back by the Center Furnace and there the group fallow deer that we had seen earlier. We pulled over and stopped to watch the deer when a car pulled up next to us, and Mike rolled down his window. It was Steve Bloomer, one of LBL’s biologist. He asks us to remain where we were, he said” he had just shot the “Afro” buck with a tranquilizer dart, and we could see him in a few minutes. When the deer had crossed the road and had laid down in the tall grass, Bloomer motioned for us to come to where the buck was laying, and we did. The deer had been tangled in a net or something like a net.
He began to cut the “Afro” that had been tangled in the buck’s antlers. Once he had removed the tangled mess from the deer, he gave the buck an antidote and said the deer would try and get up in four or five minutes. As he had said, the buck staggered to his feet and stumbled away less an Afro. The debris that Bloomer had removed from the buck’s antlers contained a skull from another deer, Bloomer said there had been reports of the Afro deer for a couple of months by fishermen and others. Today he finally caught up with him and solved the mystery. So next time you are out and about, keep your eyes open for your next unusual event.

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