Take a walk

Today April, 7th, 2020, I got of the house about 09:30 and to go and retrieve my trail camera cards. I decided to walk today, which is about a ten-minute walk from the bunkhouse to the cabin (most of the time, I will ride my golf cart). There are several reasons why I decided to walk today; first, it makes you slow down and have a chance to observe a lot more things at a slower pace. Second, it’s great exercise, and third, It is much quieter.
I said, you can observe a lot more things, just by slowing down, and I did. I saw some hen turkey tracks in several muddy places, I found a dusting area on the edge of the food plot, saw 4 ½ foot black snake. Next, I walked within 20 yards of a hen turkey (I think she has a nest near where is spooked her). When I am riding on my golf cart, I tend to miss most of these things.
I spent 30 to 40 minutes walking, which is great exercise, and I did not have to go to the gym. My doctor said that walking was one of the best forms of exercise and should be done at least 3 or 4 times a week.
Even though my battery-operated golf cart is quiet, especially compared to my 4-wheeler, it is much quieter to walk. I tend to see more wildlife and less chance of scarring them away when I walk vs ride. Get out there in the wood and enjoy it.
Next time I will be sure to wear my snake repellant.

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