good friday

Thirty-five degrees at 6 am this Good Friday morning – burr!  Just three days ago, the overnight low was in the mid-sixties; what a difference a few days make.  As most of you know, cooler temperatures have a significant effect on gobbling, shuts them down. As I have said before, temperatures and precipitation can greatly impact the turkey’s activities (including gobbling).

Just after lunch, I decided to move some of my trail cameras on my property.  I was hoping to catch some more turkeys on camera.  As I approached the cabin, I caught two gobblers strutting in my food plot with four hens.  I was able to slip into the cabin and observe them without being detected.  They put on quite a show for over an hour, and the hens slowly slipped away, one by one.  Once the two old gobblers were alone again, they started gobbling, and it wasn’t long before three different hens showed up.  They continued where they had left off with the three new companions.  Finally, the hens led the two gobblers away from me, towards the far end of the food plot, and out of my sight.  Just because I didn’t hear any gobbling this morning, doesn’t mean they weren’t there.

I said at the beginning of my post, “what a difference three days makes.”  Today is Good Friday – what a difference three days means to us Christians on Easter Sunday morning.

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