Opening Day/Birthday Bird

April 18th, 2020, the long-awaited opening day of the Kentucky Spring Turkey season. Got up thirty minutes earlier than the last two days, because the previous two days, I have bumped a turkey off its roost. I didn’t want to do that for a third morning in a row.
I walked in through the fields and quietly avoided the areas where the turkeys have been roosting. I set up on a tree line separating two farms, where I have permission to hunt either farm. I have been seeing birds go through the equipment gap in the old fence line. But this morning, they had roosted across the field in the corner of a different woods.
I heard him gobble a few times before I saw him pitch out of his roost tree. He gobbled several more times as he collected four or five hens. He was with another gobbler, and I called several time trying to coax them to come my way, but that was all in vain. I was able to make my way to the woods he had been roosting in and slip through the wood till I had them in gun range, then the TSS #9s did the rest. I gave one of the ole gobblers a dirt nap. He weighs 20lbs 2 ounces, with a 10 1/8” beard, and ¾ inch and 11/16-inch spurs, a great two-year-old bird.
If I would have stayed and continued to try and call the birds to me, I don’t think I would have been successful this morning. By changing my initial plan, being aggressive, and slowly cutting down the distance, I was able to harvest a bird on my birthday. Knowing the lay of the land and how the birds are moving from many days of scouting had paid off. Calling can be a huge part of harvesting a bird, but not the case today because when they have real hens with them, they have everything they want. I hope you enjoy your time in the woods and maybe you will get lucky too!

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