Foggy, foggy, foggy, describes the conditions when I left the house for this morning’s hunt. The birds have gone quiet for the last few days, so I have been watching them (not hearing them) and observing where they have been going to meet up with the ladies. I have been hunting an open, hundred-acre crop field, and the birds seem to like the south side of the field, and about mid-way down the length of the field. This morning well before light, I returned to a spot that I had picked out the last time I had hunted. I put out a jake decoy and a hen decoy and slipped into my place just out of sight of the field and started working on my second cup of coffee.
It wasn’t long before I heard a gobble from across the field, I could tell he was still in the tree. He gobbled a few more times in the tree, then when the ole slobber mouth gobbled again, but now he was on the ground and closer. The only problem was it was so foggy I couldn’t see him. I called softly to him on my push-pull call. With each gobble, he was getting closer and closer, but I still couldn’t see him.
Then suddenly, he appeared like a ghost, a hundred yards from my position, and his head was snow white. As he strutted back and forth just out of shotgun range (seventy-five to eighty yards), he would occasionally gobble. I was hoping my plan was going to work today or was it going to be another missed opportunity. It wasn’t long before he was joined by two hens, and I am thinking that the game is over.
But he continues to strut. I watched him for thirty minutes (which seemed like three days) as he continued to strut back and forth, I know he can see my decoys, so I called very softly again. Now he finally started to move slowly towards me with the hens following, he was coming! I couldn’t stand it any longer, he was at fifty-five yards when I pulled the trigger and released the Federal TSS 3 ½ inch #9s, and down he went. I finally got-er-dun, I had my second bird down for a dirt nap. He weighs 20lbs 5 ounces, had a 9-inch beard, and both spurs were 15/16 inches.

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