The COVID-19 virus has forced me to spend more time in the woods this spring.  I have several observations that I would like to share with you.  I have heard a couple of whippoorwills this year that have been absent for a few years, but I have not seen any box turtles this spring.  Things that I didn’t want to see in the turkey woods, but saw anyway, include snakes, skunks, and dogs.  I saw a Longbeard being chased by three Jakes (never seen that before).  Early in my scouting I saw five bucks, two with antlers, two without antlers, and one with only one antler.  I saw an opossum crossing a creek on a big downed tree (never seen that before either).  One evening I was sitting on the side of a ridge, and it was starting to get dark, when I heard something approaching in the leaves; it turned out to be an opossum.  As he neared my location, a barred owl landed just above him on a limb to investigate what was walking in the leaves.  I guess he thought the opossum was a little too big for his next meal, so he flew away.  Along with these things, I saw the return of the hummingbirds, the beauty of dogwood and redbuds, the flowers blooming, and the life (green) returning to the trees and fields.  Here in western Kentucky we are blessed to have four distinct seasons.  This year I saw winter transform into spring right before my eyes.  When my oldest son Tim was a young boy, Teresa was complaining about the temperatures going up and down and up and down.  Tim innocently asked, “isn’t that why they call it SPRING?!”  I hope your spring was enjoyable like mine, despite the quarantine and disruption from our “normal” life.  I have much to be thankful for, and I hope you do too!

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