What’s your connection

I have two sons Timothy (Tim) and James (Jay), and I am immensely proud of both of them. Tim just recently moved to Louisville. Jay already lives there, I hope Teresa and I will be able to see them more after COVID-19 goes away. While raising two boys was fun and challenging at the same time, it was also rewarding and not for the weak at heart. I was always trying to find a way to stay connected to their interests. The best thing that we found was Boy Scouts, we all liked the outdoors, and this was something we could do together and enjoy.
First, there was scout camp at Camp Roy C. Manchester, where we spent many nights camping in a tent there. They both liked to camp, so they worked there in the summers.
Along with camping, Troop 6 made a lot of cool trips, such as snow skiing at Paoli Peaks in Indiana, backpacking, water skiing, canoeing, white water rafting, repelling, Klondike Derby, and many other adventures. And every two years out troop would do a high adventure trip, and when Tim was 14 years old, our troop went to Philmont Boy Scout camp in New Mexico. We did a 50+ mile backpacking trip in the mountains near Cimarron MN, reaching an elevation of 11,737 ft above sea level on Mt Phillips.
I remember putting all the clothing that I had brought at that point in the trip and was still cold “Burr”. I believe this trip transformed Tim from a boy to a man, it was a physical and mental challenge for him, and he made it.
On a funny note, one day, we had stopped to take a bathroom break, and out Scoutmaster John Culp removed his backpack and went and took care of business. While he was gone, someone opened his pack and inserted a large rock, and then zipped it back up. Then the break was over and time to on. John put his backpack on and took about 5 steps before throwing to the ground and opening his pack to discover the big rock, we all had a big laugh.
Jay and I also went to Philmont and had a great time there. Tim’s trip was in 1994, and Jay’s trip was in 1998. In between those trips, we made another high adventure trip in 1996, 21 scouts and adults got SCUBA certified, and I set up a trip to the Florida Keys for 4 days of diving. What an adventure that was to be a part of.
What are you doing to stay connected to your kids and/or grandkids? The love of the outdoors and Boy Scouts was our connection, and it was a great ride! I still want to be in the outdoors!

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