An great Turkey season

Today is the fifteenth day of Kentucky’s spring turkey season, and the temperatures have soared to 84 degrees.  I believe that this is the warmest day we have had this spring.  So far, hunters in Kentucky have harvested 26,265 birds with just over a week to go till May 10th.  Last season hunters harvested 29,502 birds in Kentucky, hoping to pass that number this year.  The COVID-19 has prevented out-of-state hunters from buying a tag and trying their luck in bagging an old Longbeard; we will never know how many additional birds would have been taken. 

It seems to me that our opening day for the last few seasons has been a couple of weeks late.  I am all for KDFWR to moving up our opening day to the first Saturday in April.  I had some great videos on April 4th, which was the opening day of Youth Season this year.  One very promising thing I have noticed this year is that quite a few Jakes are roaming my food plots and woods.  Next year they will be two-year-olds, and they will be doing a lot of gobbling.

We have had an incredible spring this year, with lots of great stories, super videos, and several encounters with some ole gobblers.  Then, to top it all off, I got a bird on my birthday (opening day).   A total of four birds were harvested off our farm and leases this year.  We are a small but passionate family business, with the main goal of putting you in a position to harvest a bird while having a great time.

Now, it’s time for me to start planning for deer season.  As soon as turkey season is over, I am going to start on several projects that I have been putting off.  Replanting my food plots and checking on deer stands and safety equipment is on the top of my list.  I wish I liked hot weather more!  Ticks, snakes, and all of the mowing are some of the reasons why I don’t like warmer weather.  I need to get busy since there are only 126 days until opening day of bow season! I hope you had a great turkey season too!

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