What makes a good hunt

What makes a good hunt?  I think that there are at least three things that can make a good hunt:  being safe while harvesting the animal, who you are hunting with, and having an unusual event while hunting.

It is always my goal to be safe while harvesting an animal.  For me, whether it’s chasing turkeys or deer, I am hunting the animal on its territory, so I need to do my homework, which includes pre-season scouting, using trail cameras, or sitting on a stand and observing the animal.  Then when the season comes in, the odds are in my favor.  When hunting pressure is applied, they will change their routines, and we have to also.  It can be a cat and mouse game.  It is very satisfying to harvest an animal that you have been stalking or watching.  Everyone wants to harvest that big buck or that multi-bearded turkey.

The second thing that makes a good hunt is the friends and family you are hunting with; I have shared many hunts with my sons and brothers, along with many friends.  I always look forward to deer or turkey camp, where we cook together, eat together, sit around the campfire and tell lies together (I mean stories together).  It strengthens our relationships and builds comradery as we share our experiences.  Having a good time and enjoying each other.

The third thing that makes a good hunt is that there is almost always something unusual that happens to one of the hunting group.  We all have something to laugh about it and a story that we can tell for years to come.  I have had lots of unusual occurrences that made that trip special. 

 I am sure that there are a lot more things that could make a good hunt, but these three came to mind.  What makes your hunt special?

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