moving on

2020 Kentucky turkey season is history, with hunters harvesting 31,711 birds. It was a tough season for many hunters – that, I know. Yet a lot of new hunters got their first bird, so they consider it a great season. Whether good or bad, we will all remember this year as “The COVID-19 Year.” There are people that lost love ones and friends to this virus, and my prayers go out to those families. It has changed our way of living. The thing I missed the most this year was not getting to see my sons and hunt with them. I know that everyone has been affected in one way or another. I hope that things will return to the new normal very soon.

Now, as we move forward, I am preparing for the fall deer season. I am getting my food plots ready to plant, putting out a new mineral block, and planning on catching a coyote or two before the fawns start hitting the ground. It seems like I am always hunting or getting ready to hunt, and I love it! I remember my dad told me one time after he retired, “I don’t know where I found time to work.” Life is busy. Enjoy it while you can!

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