Food plots

There are only 333 days till the 2021 turkey season, which should be April 17,2021. The season always goes by so quickly.  It seems like it just started, and now it’s over.  I was lucky and harvested my two birds the first week, but a lot of my friends had a difficult season.  Now I will turn my attention to deer season. 

Do you have your food plots ready?  Last week I sprayed my food plot with weed killer, and yesterday I applied 300lbs of lime on to the plot.  Unfortunately, it’s too wet to disk anything now, and we need several days of sunshine and warm temperatures to dry everything up.  The forecast is 20% rain for tomorrow; after that, there is a 20% chance of rain for Thursday and Friday.  I also purchased soybeans last week on the same day I bought the lime.  I am ready to roll!

It won’t be long before there are a lot of fawns being born, so I set out two coyote traps today.  There is open season on coyotes, and I figure whatever it takes to help the deer and turkeys, by controlling the predator populations, is a good thing.  Also, don’t forget to trap coons, opossum, and skunks as season regulations allow.  You need to find a way to get out and enjoy nature, and don’t forget to wear your tick and snake repellent!

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