Best Bow Deer

In early November of 2007, I was bow hunting at my Uncle Horace Allen Spees (HA) farm in Graves County Kentucky.  It was a cold evening hunt, and I had been seeing several nice bucks on his farm.  I always enjoyed hunting on HA farm because I got to visit with him and see lots of deer.  HA was one of three of my mom’s older brother, who had moved to the old Barker family farm in the late 1960’s.  All of his nephews and nieces called him “Uncle Horsie”, because he always had and raised horses.  I went in and chatted with Uncle Horsie before going hunting on his property, he had about 75 acres in his farm.  And then headed off to one of my stands on the edge of a thicket, where I had seen several nice bucks in the last week.  The rut was in full swing, and the cooler temperatures had the bucks on their feet in daylight hours.

I settled into my stand and got myself ready to fling some arrow from my Hoyt bow, I just need the deer to cooperate.  After a couple of hours, I finally saw movement in the thicket, but I couldn’t tell if it was buck or doe.  Then suddenly a doe came busting out of the thicket with a spike buck hot on her trail, then they disappeared as they headed north.  Only a couple of minuets later another deer came out of the thicket on the same trail, he was an eight pointer.  He paused briefly at thirty yards and then head north as the other deer had done; he was following the scent trail of the doe.  I could not get a shot, but things were heating up.  Three or four minuets later a third buck popped out of the thicket and he was on the same trail, he paused a took a few steps in my direction.  He was at twenty-five yards standing broadside, when I sunk an arrow into his chest.  He bolted and turned south, disappearing into the thicket.  I was shaking from the adrenaline rush I had just received, and my heart was about to beat out of my chest, what a buck!  I finally calmed down, then a fourth buck came out of the thicket on the same trail, he was the largest of the all.  He disappeared in the woods to the north just as the others had done.  Wow, four bucks within fifteen minutes.  I waited another fifteen minutes, which seemed like an hour.  It was starting to get dark when I climbed down and started looking of the deer.  I found my arrow and a blood trail, but the blood was beginning to be hard to find and it was dark now.  So, I opted to mark my spot and return in the morning, there is always a danger that coyotes could find him first.

It was a long night, with all kinds of thought ran through my head, like was it a good shot or did I just wound him.  I was not sure if he was an eight, a nine, or a ten pointer.  He only made it fifty yards from where I shot him, and he was a nine pointer and he weighted one hundred forty-three pounds.  He was my biggest bow kill to date.

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