Opening Day of Bow Season 2020

What are you passionate about?  For me it’s the opening day of bow season here in Kentucky.  For me it’s like the anticipation of Christmas as a small child or a kid in a candy store.  There is a great excitement leading up to opening day.  This year was no exception and it was finally here, September 5th, 2020.  Now it was Hoyt time!  I planted my food plot with oats, wheat, purple top turnips, clover, and rape.  They were greening up quickly with the warm temperatures and plenty of rain, that brought smile to my face.    I was in the deer stand by 0600 hoping to fill my tag with a velvet buck or a big gobbler.  Kentucky is one of a few states you can harvest a buck still in velvet, because of the early opening of bow season.  This morning it was 57 degrees and very light wind tickling the leaves on the trees.  Soon birds filled the air with their songs, crows cawed, owls hooted, and squirrels were cutting on nuts in the distance.   At 0625 I spotted some movement across the food plot, it was a gray squirrel scampering along the edge.  Then a few minuets later I heard the first shot of the morning ringing out in the distance.  Wait a minute it’s bow season, but I soon realized dove season was also going on too.  Note I self, I need to clean the windows on this box blind.  0640 a turkey came in the food plot with approximately a 6-inch beard, now I a shaking like a leaf.  I finally calmed myself down and the turkey turned away from me at about 20 yards and I drew my bow and place my 20 yard pin in the middle of the turkeys back and let the arrow go.  I heard the thud of the arrow as it hit the turkey.  My arrows are equipped with a lighted knocks, and I could see my arrow sticking in the ground where the turkey was standing.   The turkey took off running down a logging road directly across from me and disappeared as it rounded a curve in the road.  I thought I had made a good shot, but time will tell.  Have you every noticed when watching a clock how it seems to slow down or stop.  I waited an hour before getting down.  I went to my arrow and found a handful of feathers, then I walked down the logging road to where I had last seen the turkey.  No turkey, so I slowly walked another 200 yards past where I had lost sight of the turkey.  Still no turkey, so I circled to my right 50 yards or so back to the spot I last saw the turkey, still no turkey.  Very disappointed I climbed back into my elevated box blind and hunted for about another hour or so, all kinds of thought raced through my mind, where was my turkey.  Did I make a good shot or had I just wounded the bird.  An hour later it was 0900 and I got down and walked to where I had last saw the turkey.  I walked off to the left and hadn’t gone more than 30 or 40 yards and flushed my turkey about another 15 yards.  I got in position and put a second arrow in the bird, it turned out to be a bearded hen with a 7 ¼ inch beard.  What an exciting hunt this morning, my emotions had gone from 0 to 100, and then from 100 to 0 in a very short time, what an emotional rollercoaster ride this was!

Hunting is like life, you have success and failures.  I need to enjoy my success and learn from my failures!  I hope your hunts are all successes this year  God is good!

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