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Elk hunt

In 1997 KDFWR started the Elk Restoration Program, which brought elk back to Kentucky. Last month  I put my $10 chance in for the Kentucky Elk drawing, which closed on April 30th.  This time, I chose the rifle hunt for a bull elk.  Back… Continue Reading “Elk hunt”

moving on

2020 Kentucky turkey season is history, with hunters harvesting 31,711 birds. It was a tough season for many hunters – that, I know. Yet a lot of new hunters got their first bird, so they consider it a great season. Whether good or bad,… Continue Reading “moving on”

What makes a good hunt

What makes a good hunt?  I think that there are at least three things that can make a good hunt:  being safe while harvesting the animal, who you are hunting with, and having an unusual event while hunting. It is always my goal to… Continue Reading “What makes a good hunt”


This year Mother’s Day is on May 10th. It will be the first Mother’s Day for me without my mom.  She passed away in October of last year; it feels so strange.  I have heard it many times before – “you don’t miss something… Continue Reading “MOTHER’S DAY”

most memorable hunt(s)

What is your most memorable hunt?  I have hunted for over forty years, and that’s a tough question to answer.  After thinking about that question for a while, I thought it might be easier to have a top ten, not necessarily in any particular… Continue Reading “most memorable hunt(s)”